National Zoo in DC

I finally got too visit the National Smithsonian Zoo in Washington, DC!  I went by myself, but with my Canon Rebel XSi digital camera with a 55-250mm attached telephoto lens ~ so enjoyed the lack of company!

I got there later then I hoped, after 3pm.  I took the Orange line of the Metro around 2pm and rode it til it connected with the Red line at the Metro Center connection.  I then rode the Red line til Woodley Park, Zoo exit and rode up what must be one of the tallest escalators in DC (picture from Wikipedia)!

I walked with a large group of people for about a half mile to the Zoo.  Before entering I stopped in at the conveniently located 7-11 across the street from the entrance!  I found the Zoo this Saturday to be relatively busy but not overcrowded – also it was 3pm and they close at 6pm so it likely was not peak time.  I then wandered through several parts of the National Zoo until my camera battery died – I shot over 200 photographs and would have shot many more, but with a telephoto lens and occasionally using flash on indoor shoots this drained my battery.


The giant panda exhibit was very large, but the animals we’re very well hidden indoors when I was visiting.  I found this guy napping indoors behind glass and grabbed a few shots, but he did not move or do much   🙂

I hope I can visit the Zoo again soon – it was not too hot or raining at all this Saturday I chose before Easter, but next week the weather is predicting heat!



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